Environmental Litigation

Our Legal Department specializes in lawsuits regarding environmental claims, collective environmental damage, health and property damage, natural resources, clean-up, preventive actions and torts in connection with industrial or services activities. Our litigation practice involves many cases of great relevance, and covers every aspect of National and Provincial Environmental law.

We also act as consultants in criminal law cases involving industrial pollution, hazardous waste, hazardous substances, as well as in cases involving crimes against public health and public safety.

We act as consultants to many companies in claims brought before provincial Courts, assisting local attorneys.


The cases we handle involve litigation over hazardous waste, toxic substances, contaminated property disputes, air and water issues, nuisance, enforcement and permitting.


Our deep familiarity with environmental regulation, as well as with technical and engineering services (involving equipment, sampling techniques, modeling, measurements, chemical analysis, etc.), enables us to frame effective approaches to litigation. Our relationship with highly-credentialed experts in numerous medical and technical disciplines (such as toxicology, hydrogeology, geology, meteorology, topography, etc.) has allowed us to successfully challenge plaintiffs’ expert evidence. We have also achieved the dismissal of many frivolous lawsuits before trial.


The clients represented by our Litigation Department operate in the most diverse industry fields, including, inter-alia, chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, mining, foodstuffs, metal, pulp, paper, waste processing, agribusiness and energy.

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