FRANCO ABOGADOS´ advice starts with our Legal Consulting and Update System (SCAN  EHS LATAM). Through it, we offer a personalized baseline ensuring full domain of all the regulations applicable to each establishment and facility of our Clients, as well as the identification of each legal requisite requiring compliance.


We are responsible for SCAN EHS LATAM in Argentina and its licensors in Latin America (LATAM), through a net of qualified correspondents.


Our back-office, composed of ten specialized lawyers and environmental sciences professionals, is heavily involved in regulatory compliance counseling. We assist our Clients to achieve compliance with complex regulations, and to develop effective strategies in order to minimize risks and liabilities.


FRANCO ABOGADOS renders advice with regard to:


Environmental aspects of investment projects, agreements, ventures, industrialservices, business transactions and contracts dealing with allocation of liabilities.


Environmental and Industrial Safety Compliance.


Legal advice as to Labor Risks, Occupational Safety and Health.


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Proceeding and Public Hearings.


Permits and authorizations for Industrial Establishments and Facilities, under national, provincial and municipal regulations. Zoning Regulations.


Surface and Underground Water Use.


Water, Soil and Air Pollution. Environmental Liabilities Management and Remediation. Closure and Dismantling of industrial establishments and facilities.


Generation, transport, tracking, treatment, storage and final disposal of Hazardous Waste.


Oil & Gas Environmental Regulation (Upstream and Midstream).


Fuel Downstream, Transport and Retail Environmental Regulation.


Mining Environmental Regulation.


Sustainable use of forestry and fishing resources.


Agribusiness Environmental Regulation.


Environmental Regulation of Port and Coastal projects and activities.


Energy Environmental Regulation (Generation, Transport and Distribution).


Environmental Regulation of Renewable Energy (wind, solar, etc.).


Dangerous Substances (CFCs, asbestos, PCBs, carcinogenic substances, POPs,etc.) and Controlled Substances (chemicals, agrochemicals, home care products, pharma. Labelling SGA/GHS.


Solid Waste and Special Waste (electric, electronic, port, by-products, etc.).


Legal advice involving industrial crisis.


Product Liability, eco-labelling, packaging, international certification of projects involving exploitation of natural resources, environmental aspects of international trade.


Food Safety Regulation.


Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Eco-Efficiency.